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Most people go through life thinking that they are who their circumstances, upbringing, background, heritage, or race has told them they are, or who others have told them they are.

Many others allow themselves to be defined by who their past doubts, failures, shortcomings, and insecurities have said they are. But as believers that's NOT who they REALLY are at all!

You Need To Know Who GOD Says You Are!

Discovering what God says about you in these areas will thrust you into the perfect will of God for your life and what an abundant life it will be! If you don't know the things that Dr. Hutton reveals in this series, you will not be able to fulfill your divine purpose and destiny while you are here on earth.

This series will help you uncover who you are in God's eyes, and help you run your race as a Winner!

Series also known as: "He Was I Am"

Just Who Do You Think You Are? (DVD)

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