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It's time to learn how to win when you find yourself in a fight!

The emotional realm is the devil's main battleground, so learning to put up a strong defense is important. But this series will also teach you how to go on the offensive, delivering a "knockout punch" that will cause stress, strife, fear, depression, discouragement and hurts to "hit the floor"!

In this series, Dr. Hutton shares life-changing revelation concerning what Jesus has already accomplished for you in the emotional realm. Learn how to use His victories to help you "go the distance," emerging as the winner from every battle you fight.

Once you fully understand the wisdom he shares in these two thought-provoking lessons, your down days are OVER!

  • Winning Life's Battles, Round By Round
  • Retaining The Championship Belt!

(2 files. Total size approx. 108.81MB)

Heavy Weight Champion Of The World (2 MP3 Set)

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