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Absolute Proof That God Really Does Want To Heal You!

In these sixteen episodes from our %u201CWeekly Broadcast%u201D Dr. Hutton explores the Scriptural proofs about the hows, whys, wheres and whens concerning healing and proves that God has already provided for ANYONE to be healed of ANYTHING at ANYTIME!

Learn The Facts About God%u2019s Will, Ability & Provision! No sickness or disease ever came from God, and He does not use them to teach His children or to keep anyone humble. God made healing a part of our redemption when Jesus took on all of our sickness and disease and bore them at the cross. You need not allow any mis-teaching or religious excuse to keep you sick and bound by the enemy. It is time for you to hear God%u2019s Word, receive, be healed and walk in Divine health for the rest of your life.

Health From Heaven

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